Career Profile

Full-Stack Web and Software developer, comfortable with both front and back-end development. 3 years of experience in all stages and aspects of development cycles for web applications and a self-taught mobile developer with Xamarin. Well versed in numerous programming languages and frameworks including Javascript, Node.js, Angular.js, C#, Xamarin, and SQL. Skilled in many DevOps tools covering all aspects of the DevOps cycle such as CI, version control testing, packageing, and deployment.(Customer relations and PM)


University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, USA

2016 - 2018
M.Sc. in Information Technology - GPA: 3.974

  • Dean List - Spring 17, Fall 17, Spring 18.
  • Graduate Assistanship.
  • Concentration: Machine Learning - Networking and Infrastructure
  • Relevent Classes:
    • Machine Learning and Data Mining for IT.
    • Human-Computer Interaction and Usability.
    • Advanced Game Development.
    • Advanced System Adminstration.
    • Advanced Storage Technologies.
    • IT Infrastructure Sustainability.

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, USA

2015 - 2018
B.Sc. in Information Technology - GPA: 3.978

  • Dean List - Spring 16, Fall 16, Spring 17, Fall 17, Spring 18.
  • Awarded the UC Global Scholarship.
  • Concentration: Software Application Development
  • Relevent Classes:
    • Database Management I and Database Management II.
    • System Analysis and Design.
    • Contemprory Programming.
    • Mobile Device Programming.
    • Client-Side Web Programming.

Cairo University, Egypt

2012 - 2015
B.Sc Aerospace Engineering

Transfered to the University of Cincinnati before completion of the program.


Research Associate/Lead Developer

April 2018 - Present
University of Cincinnati, Information Technology Solutions Center

  • Responsible for all phases of the software development life cycle including inception, elaboration, construction, and transition/deployment.
  • Responsible for all activities in the iterative development process including requirements, design, development, testing, and deployment.
  • Responsible for establishing and performing an Agile software development processes with Scrum including sprint planning, sprint retrospectives and daily standups.
  • Responsible for business-to-business (B2B) system integration for two major eco systems developed at the ITSC.
  • Responsible for addressing client’s evolving software needs including enhancements, additional features, and bugs.
  • Lead and mentor undergraduate and graduate students at different software development, system administration, QA, DevOps, and support roles.
  • Advise leadership on technical requirements and project resource needs.
  • Conduct Interviews for undergraduate and graduate students of technical and non-technical majors to join the solutions center.
  • Responsible for maintenance of all software application in production including usage monitoring, security patching, and scalability.
  • Responsible for maintenance and administration of over 80 servers used for housing development, and production applications.
  • Advise infrastructure operation team on application needs and updates.
  • Advise the School of Information Technology on opportunities for software development and expansion of the solutions center.
  • Member of the staff team for the School of Information Technology.
  • Research topics related to DevOps, architecture, and software development.
  • Present to peers on topics related to state-of-the-art IT solutions’ development and maintenance.
  • Publish academic papers to local and regional IT related conferences and symposiums.
  • Implemented Online Offender Risk Assessment and Case Planning System for:
  • the State of Missouri’s Department of Corrections.
  • the State of Illinois’s Administrative offices of the Illinois Courts.
  • the State of Nebraska Board of Parole.
  • Developed and Designed user training sessions and material on the Offender Risk Assessment and Grant Tracking System developed at ITSC.
  • Developed and Designed developer training sessions and material on the business-to-business integration with the Offender Risk Assessment system.
  • Delivered 10 in-person training sessions on the usage of the Offender Risk Assessment and Grant Tracking system to representatives of 81 counties from the state of Ohio.
  • Delivered 4 webinar sessions on the business-to-business integration with the Offender Risk Assessments System to representatives of:
  • The State of Nebraska Office of the Chief Information Officer and the Board of Parole.
  • The State of Illinois and its counties contracted software vendors.
  • The State of Missouri Department of Corrections.
  • Developed scripts to automate the deployment procedure of a multi-layered, service-oriented, distributed software ecosystems.

Adjunct Instructor

April 2018 - Present
University of Cincinnati, Information Technology Solutions Center

  • Teach the following courses for the ABET accredited Bachelor of Science program in Information Technology.
    • IT 2045C -Computer Programming II. (web-based)
    • IT 3049C -Web Game Development. (in-person and web-based)
  • Develop course material for IT2045C Computer programming II including video lectures, slides, course notes, and assignments.
  • Develop course material for IT3049C Web Game Development including video lectures, slides, course notes, and assignments.
  • Migrate IT2045C to an online delivery format. Videos can be accessed at
  • Migrate IT3049C to an online delivery format.
  • Held office hours for students to provide personalized assistance.
  • Grade assignments and provide feedback to students on a weekly basis.
  • Collaborate with full time faculty on the course strategy and direction.

Lead Developer/Graduate Assisstant

Dec 17 - Apr. 18
University of Cincinnati, Information Technology Solutions Center
Spring 18: Part-time/Graduate Assisstant

  • Lead the development teams for over seven large-scale projects at the ITSC.
  • Represented the ITSC in requirement gathering sessions with various clients, including startup companies, government agencies from multiple states, and Fortune100 retail companies.The sessions include in-person, phone call, and web conferencing.
  • Interviewed over 20 new hires for the ITSC co-op positions.
  • Designed and built databases for the new projects and solutions.
  • Set-up Development and Operations (DevOps) environments and tools such as Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) using, containerization and provisioning using Docker and Kubernetes, error audit and logging using Sentry for 10+ new projects, applications, and services.
  • Researched and implemented software development best practices such as the iterative and incremental software development methodology, agile and test-driven development (TDD).
  • Implemented Unit testing for the various components of the projects.
  • Trained new developers on best practices and technologies.
  • Mentored developers throughout the life-cycle of the projects.
  • Implemented a secure CI/CD pipeline to automate the testing and deployment of the code.
  • Redesigned and restructured the source code’s version control model increasing productivity and ensuring faster testing and delivery, and less merge mistakes in the production code.
  • Reviewed code for 245+ merge requests from 20+ projects with over 300,000 lines of code.
  • Wrote scripts using python to convert Statement of Work documents into GitHub milestones and issues.
  • Wrote scripts using Python to move GitHub issues between projects.
  • Presented and published at multiple events, conferences, and journals

Software Developer Team Lead

May 2016 - December 2017
University of Cincinnati, Information Technology Solutions Center
Summer 16: Co-Op
Fall 16: Part-time/Graduate Assisstant
Spring 17: Part-time/Graduate Assisstant
Summer 17: Co-Op
Fall 17: Part-time/Graduate Assisstant

  • Architected and designed a scalable microservice-based backend services and APIs for a large-scale eco-system responsible for consuming, analyzing, and producing reports on large volumes of data for a Fortune500 retail company.
  • Designed and developed databases for the eco-system.
  • Developed and implemented the backend services and APIs for the system using Node.js, Microsoft SQL Server, Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker, Microsoft R Services.
  • Architected, designed and developed the frontend tools and services for the eco-system using Angular.js, Bootstrap, and Express.js.
  • Lead a team of 4 developers working on multiple applications and aspects of the eco-system.
  • Work independently with minimal supervision to ensure team members meet high quality standards and project deadlines.
  • Lead project bi-daily standups to track progress and address architecture and development issues.
  • Coordinated the work and efforts between our team and other development teams consuming the data from our eco-system.
  • Participated in client sessions and demos including requirements gathering sessions and progress update briefings.
  • Presented the eco-system database design to the client’s development team.
  • Managed and performed the deployments to the internal development and staging servers.
  • Deployed the application to the client’s production servers.
  • Migrated the data and code of a large-scale software system used by state government agencies from using MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js v6 to a newer versions and more modern stack of SQL-based database, Restify, and Node.js v8.
  • Implemented Unit testing for the various components of the projects.
  • Audited web applications for browser compatibility and wrote various scripts using Node.js and Gulp.js task runner to transpile code from the latest JavaScript standards, ECMAScript 6, to a standard that is compliant and supported by web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE11, and Edge
  • Automated the audit and correction of the frontend code performance, accessibility, and compatibility issues using Google Lighthouse tools and Gulp.js and automated the minification and optimizing of the web resources and assets (CSS and JavaScript) to boost the loading speed of the web applications.

Web and Software Application Developer

September 2015 - April 2016
University of Cincinnati, Information Technology Solutions Center
Fall 15: Part time
Spring 16: Part time

  • Architected a client-server software solution for a Fortune500 public retail enterprise.
  • Developed a client-server software solution for a Fortune500 retail company responsible for data collection from over 700 business units.
  • Designed and developed the database for the solution.
  • Participated in client sessions and meetings including requirement gathering and demonstrations.
  • Participated in the deployment of the application to the client’s servers.
  • Wrote scripts using Node.js to setup, build, and auto-populate/seed databases with testing data.
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Research and Publications

Conference Presentations and Proceedings

  • Gilany, Y. & Said, H. (2018). Automated Reporting System for Funding and Grants for Juvenile Correction Programs. University of Cincinnati IT Research Symposium.
  • Kunapareddi, V., Gilany, Y. & Said, H. (2018). An Innovative Solution to Bridge Industry and Student Needs. Ohio Higher Education Computing Conference.

Journal Papers

  • Kunapareddi, V., Gilany, Y. & Said, H. Web-Based Multi-tenant Test Administration Tool. (in progress)

Software Publications

Article and Blog Posts


While most of the projects I've worked on are included under a Non-Disclosure Agreeement (NDA), On my portfolio site, you can learn in more details about the technical aspects of these projects

Data Collection Application - September 2015 A data collection web application developed for a Fortune 500 public retail company with rigorous business rules and requirements. Built initially as a Monolith application in a client-server architecture, then decomposed and refactored to be part of the Eco-system described below. The system was built with Node.js and JQuery.
Eco-System for a Fortune 500 Public Retail Company - An Eco-System consisting of 6 applications (Web, Mobile, AR, VR) interfacing with a RESTful gateway API developed in a microservice architecture. The system consists of 11+ microservices communicating with different services and tools such as Microsoft SQL Server, Redis, R server, Reporting Services, ActiveDirectory, etc. As the lead developer on the project, I:
  • Architected, and designed the backend services and APIs.
  • Designed and developed the database which consisted of 50+ tables and views and 300+ queries.
  • Maintained and reviewed the code to ensure quality.
  • Mentored and coordinated between the development teams working on the projects supported by the eco-system.
  • Automated the testing and deployment of the project using
Beyond Analytics/Strategic Planning Application - Sept.2016 - Present A web application built as part of the eco-system to serve as a playground for data analysts to investigate and improve their businesses. It is built using Node.js, and AngularJS. The application is packaged with machine learning and data analytics algorithms developed using R programming language and integrated into the system using the SQL Server 2016’s R services.
Lean-Manufacturing Solutions. - A system to implement Lean processes in food manufacturing systems and factories. The solution is a client-server solution consisting of a cross-platform mobile application built using the Ionic3 platform, a web application built using angular5, and a Gateway API built using C# and Asp.Net Core 2.0 Framework. As the lead developer, I architected the solution, and initialized the development of the web and API projects for the development team to adopt. I also trained and mentored the developers on the technologies used, set up the CI/CD pipelines, and managed the deployments.
CanSat - An Educational Nanosatellite microcontroller project utilizing various sensors, actuators, transmitters, and receivers. It consists of two Microcontrollers communicating through radio transmissions from the satellite to a ground station. The satellite collects temperature, humidity, pressure, geolocation, acceleration and orientation measurements, stores it onto an SD card, and then sent to the ground station where data was processed and visualized in a dashboard built with LabVIEW. A PCB board was designed and manufactured to electrically connect the sensors and electric components of the device. I also wrote an Arduino Library to interface with the GPS module. The components used include Atmega328, MPU-6050 (Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensor), BMP085 (pressure sensor), DHT11 (humidity and temperature sensor), RF or Xbee (for wireless communication through UART protocol).
Dragon Shooter – Augmented Reality, AR Game - A group school project for the IT7031C-Advanced Technologies for Game Development class. It was built using Unity Game Engine to provide an interactive game environment where you can see and fight dragons flying around you in your real setting.
Pomodoro - Visual Studio Code Extension - A productivity/time-management tool developed for Visual Studio Code to help developers stay on task and be more efficient with their time. It is a personal open-source project, built with TypeScript in an Object-Oriented Fashion. The extension was adopted and downloaded 5900+ times.
Terminal Launcher - Visual Studio Code Extension - A productivity/DevOps tool for developers to configure their projects’ terminal windows with commands. A personal open-source project, built with TypeScript in an Object-Oriented Fashion. The extension was adopted and downloaded 1280+ times.
VSCode Clock - Visual Studio Code Extension - An extension to the Microsoft Open source Integrated Development Environment, Visual Studio Code to show the time and date in the editor in a style and format configured by the user. The extension was adopted and downloaded 360+ times.
Can I Use - Visual Studio Code Extension - A developer tool that provides an easily accessible up-to-date browser support tables of frontend technologies on desktop and mobile web browsers. users gain access to the resource from their integrated development environment (IDE) or code editor. The extension was adopted and downloaded 85+ times.
API Doc Generator – Paw Cloud Extension - A productivity tool for developers who use the Paw HTTP Client application to test web services. The extension allows users to automatically generate JavaScript API documentation in the apiDoc format, based on the parameters passed and the results received from the API being request. The platform doesn’t show download metrics of the extension.
“To do” List Android Application - A school group project for the IT3046 - Mobile device Programming class at the University of Cincinnati. The application is a Native Android application built using Java. I was responsible for the backend development, including:
  • Designing and building a RESTful API using C# and .Net Core framework.
  • Creating the Data Models and classes for both the API and the mobile application.
  • Handling the Networking and HTTP requests and threading of the mobile application processes.
  • Parsing HTTP responses from non-Java formats (JSON) into Plain Old Java Objects (POJO) and providing an interface for the application to interact with the persistence storage services.
  • Integrating and connecting the backend services to the UI.
  • Writing Unit tests for the application.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application - A school group project for the IT3045- Contemporary Programming class at the University of Cincinnati. The application is a two manages customers, payment, and shipping information. It also manages an inventory of products and allows the customers to purchase them.
Pizza Order application - A school group project for the IT3045- Contemporary Programming class at the University of Cincinnati. The application has two interfaces, one for customers to custom make their pizzas, place their orders and receive their receipts, and another for chefs to streamline the pizza-making process. The development includes designing the database to persist the application’s data.
The BotFather, a bot for Slack messaging application - An automated bot that can be integrated into the messaging application, Slack. The bot is used to facilitate the standup meetings through the messaging application, slack. The project Is open-sourced and can be self-hosted.
Xamarin University Projects - A collection of applications built while enrolled in Xamarin University. All the applications are cross-platforms that can be deployed to iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.
  • Books Client.
  • Calculator
  • Tunes
  • Grocery List
  • Food Tracker
  • Internet Connection Status
Smart-Home Embedded Systems project - A capstone graduation project from the Embedded Software and Systems Diploma from the Syndicate of Engineers in Egypt. The system was built using two microcontrollers of the AVR family, specifically Atmega16. Users can authenticate themselves using a passcode stored in an external EEPROM and communicated with through I2C Protocol. The system controls multiple lights and brushless motors through Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) controlling digitalized curtains and blinds. The system protocols and libraries were implemented from scratch using the C Programming language.

Skills & Proficiency



Javascript & jQuery





Microsoft SQL Server




Unity (Game Engine)

Photoshop & Primiere

Training and Courses


  • CanSat Training Program at the SSTLab, Space Systems and Technology Laboratory. (84 hours)
  • Embedded Systems Software Diploma, Certified (170 hours)
  • Entrepreneurial Development Skills Program, Certified (60 hours)
  • Certified Xamarin Developer (in progress)
  • Google Cloud Platform Certification - Cloud Architect (in progress)

Conferences Attended

  • Microsoft Tech Summit – Jan 2017
  • Open Source Conference (OSCON) – May 2017.
  • Ohio Higher Education Computing Council (OHHEC) – May 2018.
  • Open Source Conference (OSCON) – July 2018.

Online Courses

  • Machine Learning (Stanford University), Certified
  • Project Management (, Certified
  • Programming Foundations: Programming
  • Programming Foundations: Object-Oriented Design
  • Programming Foundations: Database
  • Angular 2 Essential Training
  • Foundation of Cloud Architecture


University of Cincinnati | CECH | Dean's List 4.0 GPA
  • Spring 2016
  • Fall 2016
  • Spring 2017
  • Fall 2017
  • Spring 2018
Awarded the UC’s School of Information Technology Graduate Assistantship
Outstanding Volunteer Service Award in 2011 from the United States Department of State.
“Outstanding Student” Award - from LCAT academy, Learning Center for Applied Technology, during my exchange year at the US.
Certificate from the State Department - for the participation in the State-funded international exchange program "YES, Youth Exchange and Study program”.


Kapolei Robotics Team (Team 2445)

2010 - 2011
Kapolei High School Team, HI, USA

  • Programming sub-team.
  • Used LabVIEW.


January 2014 – June 14
Univeristy of Cairo, Egypt

  • Programming and Problem-solving Student Club

Student Government - Political and Clutural Committee

2012 - 2013
Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt


12/2014 - 8/2015
Space Systems Technology Labaratory (SSTLab), Egypt

  • Member in the CubeSat Research Team.
  • Participant in the CanSat Training Program.
  • CanSat development and building competition
    • Responsible for the CanSat's On-Board Processors and programming.

Legislative Internship Program in Hawaii State Senate

December, 2010
Hawaii, USA

  • Worked as an Assistant to the Representative Sharon Har of the State of Hawaii.

Better Understanding For Better World (BUBW)

December, 2010
Hawaii, USA

  • Cultural and Religious Tolerance and Dialogue program.

Department of State Alumni Connect

November, 2013
USA Embassy in Cairo, Egypt

  • Experiential Team Building Training.