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Yahya M. Gilany

Developer | Educator | Learner

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I got into Software Development and programming in 2007 with Visual Basic, Started making small educational programs for my little brother(He is taller then me now). I can't really remember if he actually liked it, I did. 😃

Then I was learning MatLab, C++, HTML/CSS/JS. as parts of my school workload. During that time, I also got into Arduino and Embedded Systems Projects with Embedded C.

As I moved to the USA and worked at the Information Technology Solutions Center, I started diving more into Node.js, Angular.js, Database Design and Analysis with SQL Server, MySQL.

Then into mobile development. For Android in Java, and Swift for iOS until I attended one of Microsoft's conventions in Chicago and was introduced to Xamarin, which I absolutly loved.

Bottom line, I'm really enthusiastic about new Technology, whether it's for Web or Mobile. and I can easily get up and running with any technology that your company works with that I don't already have under my belt. HIRE ME!

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