Career Profile

Full-Stack Web and Software developer, comfortable with both front and back-end development. 3 years of experience in all stages and aspects of development cycles for web applications and a self-taught mobile developer with Xamarin. Well versed in numerous programming languages and frameworks including Javascript, Node.js, Angular.js, C#, Xamarin, and SQL. Skilled in many DevOps tools covering all aspects of the DevOps cycle such as CI, version control testing, packageing, and deployment.(Customer relations and PM)


University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, USA

2016 - 2018
M.Sc. in Information Technology - GPA: 3.95

  • Dean List - Spring 2017.
  • Graduate Assistanship.
  • Concentration: Machine Learning - Networking and Infrastructure
  • Relevent Classes:
    • Human-Computer Interaction
    • Advanced Game Development
    • Advanced System Adminstration

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, USA

2015 - 2018
B.Sc. in Information Technology - GPA: 3.978

  • Dean List - Spring 2016, Summer 2016, Fall 2017, Spring 2017 .
  • Awarded the UC Global Scholarship.
  • Concentration: Software Application Development
  • Relevent Classes:
    • Database Management I and Database Management II.
    • System Analysis and Design.
    • Contemprory Programming.

Cairo University, Egypt

2012 - 2015
B.Sc Aerospace Engineering (Not Completed)


Lead Developer

August 2016 - Present
University of Cincinnati, Information Technology Solutions Center

  • Lead the development team of 4 applications interconnected through an API and 11 microservices for a Fortune 500 Comapny.
  • Re-Designed a SQL database to accomodate for 3 new applications, consolidate and normalize the existing tables.
  • architectured the new system.
  • Setting up development environoment and configured the DevOps tools for the team.
  • Configured the Continious Integration Service ( for all the supported projects.
See more in projects.

Software and Web Application Developer

August 2015 - July 2016
University of Cincinnati, Information Technology Solutions Center

  • part-time student worker.
  • building a data collection web application with Node.js for a Fortune 500 Company. The application collects, verifies, and moves the data through an extensive approval process with many business rules guiding it on the way. (see more in projects)
  • Designed the database that supports that application.
  • presented frequently to the clients and adjusted in an agile fashion to their changing requirements.
  • Worked on 2 projects in the Criminal Justice Field.


While most of the projects I've worked on are included under a Non-Disclosure Agreeement (NDA), On my portfolio site, you can learn in more details about the technical aspects of these projects

CanSat - The CanSat is an Educational Nanosatellite that can be tested in atmosphere after launching it from a rocket to teach space technology similar to the technology used in miniaturized satellites. It's a microcontroller project with many sensors, actuators, transmitters and recievers put together to perform a mission. The Project consist of two Microcontrollers communicating data through radio transmissions from the satallite (master) to the ground station (slave).
Eco-System Portal - A web application portal to a suite of applications built as a collective Eco system for a Fortune 500 public retail company. Built with Node.js and Angular.js.
... Collection Application - A collection web application developed for a Fortune 500 public retail company with rigorous business rules and requirements. Built initally as a Monolith application, then decomposed and refactored to be part of the Eco-system described below. Built with Node.js, and JQuery.
Strategic Planning Application - A web application developed as a playground for data analysts of a Fortune 500 public retail company. The application is built on top of the Eco-System Backend described below. Built with Node.js, Angular.js, and EJS.
Eco-System Back-End API - An API Gateway developed on top of 11 microservices that are interfacing with databases, caching services, geo-location services, data processing and machine learning services, ...etc. The API, the microservices, and the databases are all designed, architectured, and developed specifically for this project.
Pomodoro - Visual Studio Code Extension - a productivity/time-management tool developed for Visual Studio Code to help developers stay on task and more efficient with their time.

Skills & Proficiency



Javascript & jQuery





Microsoft SQL Server




Unity (Game Engine)

Photoshop & Primiere


Presidential Certificate - from The President of the United States, Barack Obama, on service and civic participation and for achieving more than 100 hours of volunteering and community services in one year.
Certificate of outstanding volunteer service - from the United States Department of State.
Certificate from the State Department - for the participation in the State-funded international exchange program "YES, Youth Exchange and Study program”.
Dean's List 4.0 GPA - Spring 2016, Summer 2017, Spring 2017.
Principle's List 4.0 GPA - during the exchange year at the US.
“Outstanding Student” Award - from LCAT academy, Learning Center for Applied Technology, during my exchange year at the US.


Student Government - Political and Clutural Committee

2012 - 2013
Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt


12/2014 - 8/2015
Space Systems Technology Labaratory (SSTLab), Egypt

  • CanSat development and building competition
    • Responsible for the CanSat's On-Board Processors and programming.
  • Member in the CubeSat Research Team.

Kapolei Robotics Team (Team 2445)

2010 - 2011
Kapolei High School Team, HI, USA

  • Programming sub-team.
  • Used LabVIEW.

Legislative Internship Program in Hawaii State Senate

December, 2010
Hawaii, USA

  • Worked as an Assistant to the Representative Sharon Har of the State of Hawaii.

Better Understanding For Better World (BUBW)

December, 2010
Hawaii, USA

  • Cultural and Religious Tolerance and Dialogue program.

Entrepreneurial Development Skills Program

12/2011 - 4/2012
Amideast, Kuwait

  • 60 hours Program.

Department of State Alumni Connect

November, 2013
USA Embassy in Cairo, Egypt

  • Experiential Team Building Training.